Forest View High School Class of 65
Forest View High School Class of 65             

Remember these ... ?

Here's our School and Class Songs ... 





Talk up the spirit, Falcon Spirit

We’re gonna win this game,

Silver, gold and black out colors

We’re proud to shout our name,

Forest View High School

You are my school

I’ll do my best for you,

Falcon fly high put your wing to the sky

And bring victory to Forest View.




Forest View, our Forest View

We will always remember you

For the friends we have known these years,

For the laughter and the tears

For the goals achieved with pride

Foes we’ve conquered side by side

We’ll remain forever true

To our alma mater Forest View.



Class Song 

No class ever could be better than '65

Since we came, we've earned our name - Seniors '65

No class made has got a shade on Spirirt of "65"

I'll tell ya' just why - You know i don't lie - Not me!

We come and go, always in the know, we're Swingers  "65"

We lead the school and there ain't no fools in Spirit of  "65"

Step aside - all of you,

Senior Class in coming through. 

FV named us - Fame has claimed us - CLASS OF '65!


Sung to the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown" 

Music of the Times ...  Here's what the World was singing and listening to in '65 ...

Here's an interesting  YouTube vid  of " American Pie"

Bonnie (Luczak) Byrne sent it in for your enjoyment ...

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